سندهي اردو سرائیکی پښتو

Why Should I Get a Diagnosis Now?

You may be wondering why you should get a diagnosis for autism as an adult when you have lived undiagnosed for most of your life. A diagnosis can greatly improve your quality of life. It will provide great relief to you and your family to finally understand what condition you have. The first step towards finding solutions for any problem is to know and understand the problem itself, and the correct diagnosis can help you do that. It would be of great relief to you to understand that there are many others who live successful and fulfilled lives despite, and sometimes even because of, their autism. Some individuals with autism are unusually gifted in the fields of music, mathematics and art, and about 40% of autistic individuals have average or above average intelligence. Others are happily married, and many are fully employed. The proper diagnosis can help you join autistic support groups and allow doctors to give you the proper treatments you need. If you suspect you may be autistic, do not delay in seeking a diagnosis and getting the support you deserve to live a full life.

How to Get an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult

Despite the increase in autism awareness in recent years, there are very few established methods of diagnosing autism in adults. If the symptoms listed above sound like you, these are a few tests that can help you build your case to present to a doctor. Try the links below:

Once you have built your case, the doctor may then run tests similar to those done to screen for autism in children. The doctor may also want to speak with your parents or caretaker to see how many of the signs and symptoms of autism you may have experienced as a child. This way of taking a medical history is not fully reliable, since it depends on memory instead of catching the symptoms as they occur, but is a good enough alternative under the circumstances. If diagnosed, the doctor will refer you to a specialist who can tell you the next steps to take.

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